Ferrous Forgings

Seamless ring rolling

seamless ring roling Ferrous Forgings have the capability to produce seamless forged rings on the radial/axial ring  roller machine i.e. we can roll both the outside and inside diameters simultaneously as well as the 2 side faces which result in the finished forging being not only perfectly symmetrical with the outside diameter and bore running truly but also flat on the two top and bottom faces. Contour shapes can be rolled into either the outside or inside faces if required.

Ferrous Forgings have a radial/axial ring roller which can roll rings up to 1600mm outside diameter by 330mm face height.  For rings bigger than these, Ferrous Forgings can forge them out under one of our 5000Ton presses to 2100mm outside diameter by 1000mm face width.


seamless ring roling seamless ring roling seamless ring roling