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Our History

Mr. Frederick Heaviside and his wife Joan started the Ferrous Forgings business in 1950 and over time it has grown and expanded into the premises located at 621 Ballarat Road Albion Victoria, Australia. Mr. Jon Heaviside, their youngest son started working with his mother and father in the business at age 19. Prior to his father’s retirement, Jon began to take a more active role in the business and today operates it as the sole owner.

unequalled skills

Ferrous Forgings Pty Ltd operates the largest presses and forging hammers in Australia, with ring rolling equipment to match.

Our plant operates 11 hydraulic presses with up to 5000 Ton forging capacity on a 24 hour standby. This enables us to schedule for a 3 to 5 day delivery of most components from confirmation of order. We stock an entire range of specialty steels with large on-site cutting, heat treatment and rough finishing equipment to further save our customers valuable time.

Utilising our total service allows supply personnel, planners, engineers, maintenance, and installation crews to accurately plan critical schedules in real time and at maximum cost efficiency. Our plant is located on the multi-carriage Ballarat Rd, Albion, Victoria, Australia and at the foot of the Western Ringroad for unhindered large vehicle access and direct link to sea freight, air and rail transport.

Meet Jon

Jon Heaviside

Owner, Operator & Production Manager

Accredited blacksmith, metallurgist, and systems and process engineer incorporating 50 years of innovation in custom design of equipment and tooling for complex profile work.

With over 50 years experience Jon’s reputation is very well known throughout the forging industry and his traditional background in forging ensures that his team produce high quality products.

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